Although the name Beverly Hills might bring up mental pictures of giant luxurious mansions, movie stars on every corner and a glistening sun, the truth of the matter is that Beverly Hills has always been a popular area, even in the days before Hollywood became big.

The area was extremely vital back in the times of the Native Americans, due to the fact that it had some of the most fertile land of the region from the many streams that diverged there. The land was equally valuable to the next group of people who took it over, the Conquistadoras from Spain. They fell in love with the land so much, they proclaimed it to be blessed by God and a Holy Site. Their original name for it “El Rodeo de las Aguas” (The Gathering of the Water) is still seen today in the world famous Rodeo Drive and its Golden Triangle.

Beverly Hills got its name from an interesting source. When the city was being constructed in 1906, one of the developers had read a newspaper article about Beverly Farms, Massachusetts. He tossed out the name Beverly Hills and the others accepted it. The city didn’t become a big attraction, however, until the completion of the Beverly Hills Hotel in the 1910s, which gave the city its luxurious image.

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