Carry any Files with a Blast of Elegance in a Chanel Jumbo XL Patent Briefcase

Even in the office and at board meetings you can remain on a weight control budget. Take a peek at this no cost and carefree tips.

  • Junk food, fast food and snacks catch up with one eventually and are so easily to obtain while on a quick lunch break and pressed for time.
  • Develop better eating habits, keep moving and start losing. This is no rush job and although it is effortless to put on the pounds, taking it off is a slow process.
  • Even if only adding a minimal amount of exercise during the course of the day, and intake of food is healthier, the body will begin to shrink. Start slow and instead of procrastinating, try these office tips to motivate the goal to getting back in shape.
  • Get out of the office even for a mere ten minutes a day. Being outdoors is considered a good source for Vitamin D.
  • Take phone calls standing up and, if possible, pace around while you’re talking.
  • At lunchtime, spend 15 minutes eating and 30 minutes walking around.
  • Use the parking spot furthest from the office or shop and take the stairs rather than the elevator.
  • Instead of meeting colleagues in a conference room, do it as a walk and talk outdoors.
  • Place your wastepaper bin in the far corner of your room so you have to walk towards it.

Even a first impression can upgrade an office image. The authentic Chanel Jumbo XL Patent Briefcase is one way to stand out of the crowd as refined with class. Created in scrumptious and durable black patent leather in diamond patterns it will remain forever elegant whether heading to work or taking it on the road for a seminar.

The frame is large and gives off that contemporary edge of a classic. This one deserves the name of Chanel that up-to-date boardroom divas own.  

The pre-owned Chanel briefcase a single, rounded black leather strap for hand carry. The used Chanel is contains the flat open pocket on its back exterior. It’s flap opens via the iconic turn clasp CC logo in gold tone..

Once opened the detailing of the name Chanel still shines through with quality.

Its smooth black leather interior offers ample space for all belongings and is spacious enough for a full size tablet and A4 folders. The Chanel name is stamped in gold on the underside of the black flap. There is a flap extended pocket directly below a zippered compartment to keep items secured.

Indulge in vintage glam for business. This will be head-turner in any office environment with an authentic Chanel Jumbo XL Patent Briefcase.

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