First introduced in 2005, everyone just can’t seem to be steered away from their iPhones and Smartphone. These are the “in” technological goods found everywhere and are here to stay.  They were certainly considered a luxury item when first introduced as pricing was high. Now they are much more affordable and can do even more with the hundreds of apps available for input.  These new age phones can easily be considered hand held mini computers

As with the introduction of the ‘ancient’ cell phone, it didn’t take too long that the rage for having a trendy iPhone cover became a plus.

Far from being a simple one tone color cover, the new covers for iPhone come in all varieties such as happy faces, flowers and zebra stripes. This is great as a fad but for something that will remain forever, those resembling designer handbag patterns are the way to go.

Many of these iPhone cases are made by Louis Vuitton under the innovated creative voice of Marc Jacobs. The areas of concentration were designing accessories of desire for computer technology items.  He has helped Louis Vuitton branch out into not only cases for that smart phone but other techie items such as ear phones, headphones and USB memory sticks. Since 2010, his ideas have invaded a not often considered accessory in today’s modern world and have made it into a fashion statement.

He believed that they would become a hot commodity and it appears his gamble has paid off.  Marc Jacobs started it all and now I-Phone covers are now being made by many other fashion companies and designers.   However, the one that started it all is still supreme and in demand.

With its good looks and stunning appearance, a contemporary woman their iPhone with a cutting edge it all day long in an authentic Louis Vuitton iPhone Case.

The pre-owned LV Epi is Marc Jacob’s design that always appears modern and fresh. This fashion forward iPhone case is made in the traditional quality and craftsmanship with dark brown checkerboard Damier Ebene canvas pattern. The name ‘Louis Vuitton Paris’ is featured in one square on the pattern.

An iPhone can easily slip inside and be protected by the soft suede-like lining. Match the case with a Louis Vuitton Designer handbag crafted in the same Damier Ebene canvas pattern.  

Go all out and keep the number one communication accessory intact and protected with the number one Marc Jacob original styling by an authentic Louis Vuitton iPhone Case.