Formulate a Touch of Classic and Modern Lines with a Chanel Patent Shoulder Bag

It appears that world famous fashion icon Karl Lagerfield has done it again. The German artist, photograph and fashion designer has handed his talents in illustrating to the book, The Allure of Chanel, which was originally published in English 2008 by Paul Morand about Coco Chanel.

The original print, which took time into delve into the mind of the fashion legend, was a smash hit and, with the official blessing of the Chanel family, this version is gearing up to be just as popular as the original book was when it was released.

Paul Morand, who was a close friend of Chanel herself for many years, got the inspiration to write the book in 1946 in a St. Moritz hotel when she told him her thoughts on life as well as personal stories and facts her own fashion styles and designs. As would be expected from such a colorful figure, Chanel doesn’t let up in her saying, letting the most intimate thoughts and opinions on fashion loose in this book.

The book was originally published in French in 1976, the year that Morand died. This was the last project of a great man who had left a wealth of works, including poetry, short stories, novels and travel guides behind him.

A stylish bag from the Chanel collection is the authentic Chanel Patent Shoulder Handbag. This flip-top open flap tote is crafted in super shiny black quilted patent leather and has a squared off frame overlapping frame similar to a cake box and flat bottom. This difference in good-looking geometric lines and size makes it an instance eye-catcher.

The back exterior contains an over-sized patch pocket. The shoulder bag´s thicker handle made for comfort and is based in smooth patent leather. All hardware is black antique including its distinctive CC logo turn clasp on the over layering flap.

Aside from its obvious the scrumptious and elegant pre-owned Chanel is versatile enough within its interior by a zippered wall pocket and ample space all among its black lining.

Add a modern mix and ultra quality of something Coco Chanel would be proud to carry.  The shoulder bag can be used now and even 10 years later and will always remain contemporary in feel.  The authentic Chanel Patent Shoulder Handbag formulates a  here and now accessory just as Blake Lively has found out.

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