Top off an Outfit Right into Spring 2014 with a Fendi Rattan Handbag

The latest from the Spring 2014 shows how hair plays an important part of the runway shows. Take a look and try some these nest season.

Long of it
Hairstyles for women with longer locks now appear fuller filled with loose waves to add dimension to the look. Even layers with waves are in vogue in its Lady Godiva form Razor cuts are out and will take away from volume. To maintain that luscious look, wind hair on Velcro rollers in small sections.  After removing the rollers, ruffle your hair with your fingers rather than a brush, not to wipe out the waves.

Short of it
The graceful and fluid natural look takes its position in this season's short hairstyles. Bounciness and more movements is the order of the day. The hair texture excels in the form of layers in contrast to a one-length blunt cut. The classic bob craze has completely changed its appearance even though the side sweep a la Victoria Beckman remains the pinnacle. By adding large rollers to the bob can create enough softness to frame the face such as Rihanna has been sporting.

Remain natural with color
In keeping up with the quest of the latest trends on hairstyles for women, color also reflects the genuine look as well. Hair color for Spring 2014 should only enhance what you already have and not to stray too far from your natural hair color. Boost the hues by having the hair highlighted to blend with your primary shade. Natural hair is by no means just one color.  
With hair style in tow, an authentic Fendi Rattan Handbag will be the ideal bag for spring.

The pre-owned Fendi welcomes exceptional exotic navy blue rattan alternating with calfskin trimming including its blue leather flap. The large framed Fendi offers classic tailored seam detailing and an embossed Fendi seal on the flap.

The single handle is based in rattan and can be hand-carried. All hardware is gold tone including its protective feet

Flip open the flap to a satiny navy lined fabric interior. Within is a large open pocket trimmed in lizard pattern leather. The used Fendi Rattan Handbag offers plenty of space and can easily fit in a tablet.

The chic bag is reminiscent to the type the ‘ladies who lunched’ use. However, the use of leather and rattan has given the authentic Fendi Rattan Handbag its place as a trendy designer handbag.

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