If you can only invest in type of gem; make it a diamond as a diamond is and always will be a girl’s best friend. Luckily you can easily find out why diamonds are a girl’s best friend with just a walk to your neighborhood jeweler.

Any jeweler about town will tell you that diamonds last forever. They are the strongest substance, always in demand and that they just happens to enhance you to look dazzling and stylish, while giving financial security because of their value.

Your jeweler will become your new best friend by helping you generate the best decision with any purchase. Just as every woman has their own personality, the scoop is so does a diamond with its 4 Cs.


It is not the shape of the diamond but the proportion of each of the facets that are on the diamond to look for. This allows more light that will be reflected and gives the stone the most brilliance. Normally the familiar round diamonds are commonly cut with 58 facets and are the most popular.


The clarity is determined by its visibility, number and size of inclusions. Almost all diamonds have inclusions with most invisible to the eye. Your jeweler can point out any with a loupe or microscope.


Although diamonds come in many body colors, the most common on the market is white' with minuscule measures of yellow, gray or brown. The most desirable color is actually colorless as it allows the most refraction of light giving off more sparkle.  

Carat Weight

A carat is the unit of weight that a diamond is measured in. The carat divided into 100 points, whereas a half a carat would be 50 points.

After a purchase, you will receive a diamond certificate or a grading report. This certifies that an evaluation has been performed by a qualified professional from either the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD).

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