Set the Tone for Now with a Fendi Leopard Shopping Tote Bag

Out of all of the essential makeup skills, one of the most important is how to apply the foundation. Foundation is important as it can change the look of the skin from dull to vibrant in an instant. Despite it being so important, many people do not know how to apply foundation or match it to their skin complexion, resulting in an off putting look. However, there are a several ways that one can check and match the skin complexion to the foundation. Here are just a few of these ways:

Those with oily skin might find it difficult to find foundation as oily skin can cause the foundation to slide off and not last long. Luckily, there are a couple of types of foundation that has been specifically designed for oily skin. These special foundations contain ingredients that have been formulated to not only keep make up on but can also reduce oily skin. The best types to get are either powdered or mineral foundations.

For those people who suffer from uneven skin or blemishes, mineral foundations are recommended. They have been shown to even out skin tone, remove blemishes over a period of time and cover a large area of the face.

Never use a darker foundation in order to create a tanned look as it will appear unnatural.

Before applying the foundation, look at it in the natural light in order to see if it matches your skin tone. What might look good in the florescence store lights might not look so good in the natural.

With accessories there is a must for a signature piece that is hot. Animal instinct prints are still the rage Fall/Winter 2013. An authentic Fendi Leopard Shopping Tote Bag offers that razzle-dazzle to add to your fashion scene.

Styled as a traditional shopper bag but with Italian style it contains classic Fendi detailing.  It is crafted in a leopard pattern in jacquard fabric. Three-tone are used including beige, brown and black throughout its exterior.   

Red hot leather handles that stand out adorn its top and it can be used in comfort as a hand carry tote. The fixtures are in gold tone utilizing the FF logo creatively as handle rings.

The interior offers super size space and is accessed via a magnetic snap. It will easily carry all those extras including tablets. It makes for a great attaché to and from the office too.

The inside is lined in bright red fabric.  The used Fendi shopper contains a zippered pocket on one wall with gold tone pull.

Foundation pieces are always mandatory and authentic Fendi Leopard Shopping Tote Bag is  a classic that is so now.

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