The fall season is finally here and that means it's time to watch the weight a little bit so you remain as thin as can be when winter arrives. However, it’s not only salt and sugar laden foods one has to worry about, as many other foods can be fattening without you knowing it:

Dried Fruit- While this popular snack has the connotation of being healthy; dried fruit actually turns out to have many calories. This is because when fruit is dried, there is less water leading to more sugar density in the fruit. This can be found in raisins as well.

Peas and corn- These two vegetables have actually been classified as a starch due to a high amount of carbohydrates. Some people have gone so far as to count these as bread-starch.

Frozen yogurt- Frozen yogurt differs from regular yogurt in calorie count because it doesn’t have live cultures. Studies have even shown that frozen yogurt can be more fattening then regular ice cream.

Gluten-free foods- Although they are gluten free and thus perfect for those with allergies or health issues, that doesn’t mean that they’re perfectly healthy. Many gluten-free foods tend to be rich in fat and sugars. This means exercise is also vital if you consume a lot of gluten-free food.
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