Set the Tone of Elegant Casual with the Hermes Evelyne PM Messenger Bag

There is a new film on the horizon that has managed to bag a very high profile beauty in society and among the Royals of Monaco, Grace Kelly. It is slated for a November 27 release. Nicole Kidman will be playing the title role and her uncanny beauty is a ringer for the late princess.

Grace Kelly was one of the paparazzi’s favorite targets, due to both her stylish good looks and escapades while an actress. The native Philadelphian made a movie with Cary Grant, “to Catch a Thief and just by chance met her ‘prince’ charming in a faraway kingdom of Monaco. She then married him and became a princess showing us that fairy tales can come true.

The film is set in the early 1960s and focuses more on Kelly's marriage to Monaco's Prince Rainier III, which is played here by Tim Roth.  Other cast members include Frank Langella, Parker Posey and Milo Ventimiglia.

It must be the season for the ‘Princess Diaries’ as another famous princess has been captured on the silver screen for audiences that is scheduled to open on October 10th.  The film "Diana," starring Naomi Watts in the title role, focuses on the last two years of her life and her relationship with Dr. Hasnat Khan, played by Naveen Andrews and then Dodi Fayed. The ending for the latter and Diana was well publicized.

One thing both princesses had in common was a great sense of style and have owned numerous items from the House of Hermes. Now is the time to grab onto an authentic Hermes Evelyne PM Messenger Bag. This is the one bag that even Julia Roberts and Diane Kruger cannot do without.

The Hermes is top of the line for handbags and the Evelyn leaves a signature statement by its huge “H” created by small holes smack in the middle of its grainy calf leather.

This is a more than a multi-purpose bag which offers not only a stylish look but practicable space. Besides it is a Hermes, which is looked upon as the highest in chic quality. It is nothing short of huge and can hold everything.

This high-end bag is framed in a messenger saddle bag style in brown leather making this design and styling of the pre-owned Hermes bag is ideal for all seasons.

Open it via a leather tab with a flap strap. This pre-owned Hermes has a brown shoulder strap that is in a canvas. It is removable to become a chic clutch perfect for that iPad and more. All hardware is gold tone.

The interior is lined with soft suede brown lambskin and is more than spacious for all belongings.

Be up there with the ladies who set the styles and made the news with an authentic Hermes Evelyne PM Messenger Bag.

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