Perk Up an Outfit with a Louis Vuitton Vernis Wilshire PM

Out of all of the necessities of life, one of the most important functions is sleep. Despite today’s world being more wired and 24 hour than ever, that doesn’t mean one should neglect sleeping. Even a daily nap has been shown to help out people enormously.  To stress that point, here are some benefits about daily napping that everyone should know about:
  • Increase your on-the-job alertness and productivity by 100 percent.
  • Will sharpen the thinking skills and make it easier to make better decisions.
  • Help lose weight, as it alters metabolism and shifts the chemicals that affects the appetite
  • Reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and other problems in the cardiovascular area.
  • Sleeping doesn’t only have health benefits. Regular sleep gives one the ability to increase creativity and energy.
  • Most importantly, sleep helps us remember and learn by proxy of retaining information. It is said to have “critical at almost all stages of memory formation, memory processing and long-term memory retention.”  It does this by taking all recent information and keeping it relevant by connecting it with all information in the brain.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Wilshire PM handbag is named after Wilshire Boulevard in California. After a good night’s sleep, be raring to go with the perfect bag to carry around.

The Wilshire PM is crafted with LV embossed patent Vernis leather in a rare bluebird canvas hue. The weather resistance Louis Vuitton handbag is an envelope-shaped frame with finely detailed stitching. It is ideal for everyday. It epitomizes ultra function with shine. Owners’ Ashley Tinsdale and Vanessa Hudgens are rarely without theirs.

The pre-owned Wilshire´s front exterior contains a gold tone plate scripted with the Louis Vuitton signature. Its double rounded leather handles allows the bag to be either hand carried or worn on the shoulder.  

The used LV patent Wilshire is extremely spacious and lined in matching plush fabric. There is an extended zippered pocket on the side wall along with two D-rings for hanging keys opposite from each other.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Wilshire PM perks up an outfit when in use.

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