For years, women who needed eyeglasses dreaded that fact and turned towards contact lenses. Today many frames are considered a high fashion accessory and women can still look hot with a pair. It is not unusual to see celebrities, such as Rashida Jones, Chloe Sevigny and Tina Fey donning a pair of specs and still look stunning.

Now is the time to give them a try once more. The secret is to picking a perfect pair of eyeglasses frames will take careful consideration.  
  • The face shape is a major factor when determining the right frames.
  • Those with more squared off faces will want to pick frames that are slim or stream-lined.
  • Diamond shaped faces will require a more dramatic shaped frame like the cat eyed ones.
  • Rounded faces need glasses that make the face appear more elongated. When in doubt, have the optician help choose a flattering frame.
Knowing the tone of the skin narrows the correct hue for frames. For warmer skin tones, browns and reds are ideal. Those with cooler skin tone will find blue or lavender appealing.

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