Stay in Fashion Shape with a Louis Vuitton Totally PM

Stretching, aerobic exercise, resistance training are the main three components needed for a complete program. Stretching is an important part of every workout because tones the muscles and strengthens flexibility, while the purpose of aerobic exercise is to improve cardiovascular fitness. Resistance training is used to develop muscle strength and endurance   Remember you don’t need to join a gym to do these. If your exercise plans and goals are at the bottom of your priority list, you will never reach them.

Look for simple ways you can add exercise to what you already do.

  • Before your shower in the morning, do five minutes of stretching
  • Live in apartment? Forget the elevator…use the stairs.
  • Always park the car at furthest point possible at the mall and walk
  • During lunch, take walk around the block.
  • Do calf stretches while riding in elevators when you can’t walk up the stairs.
  • Pedal an exercise bike while watching TV and during commercials, jog in place.
  • Put away the remote and change channels manually by getting up and walking to the television.
  • Try a little housework with music. Many forms of housework such as dusting, cleaning the kitchen and washing down the bathroom add to your program.
  • Answer the phone and stretch your back and touch the toes. Continue a workout with your feet astride and stretching side to side while talking.
  • Prune, weed, dig in your garden or mow the lawn with a manual mower for great stretches.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Totally PM can be carried every day and anywhere, including the office and still keeps its great shape. This bucket is the Louis Vuitton frame that is favored by Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Katie Holmes.

The Totally will total up each day with style, functionality and comfort and even look fab with a dress or the casual of outfits. Besides it traditional Louis Vuitton monogram canvas, it features natural leather trimmings.

A welcome alteration to the basic bucket is the open exterior side pockets on both sides of the tote. Carry extra items such as glasses case, a bottle of water or a cell within hands reach.

The pre-owned LV bucket has hardware is done in gold-tone including its rounded rings for its double flat straps shoulder straps.

Another stand out of functional assets behind this used LV Totally bag  is found within.
The brown textile fabric lined interior is accessed via a wide top closure zipper by a Louis Vuitton engraved metallic pull.

It has more than enough space, even for all those extras picked up while traveling.
Finally, this beauty has an open flat pocket too.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Totally PM manages to match functionality with stunning style. 

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