Add a Blast of Red with the Super Shiny Louis Vuitton Vernis Reade PM

There are many different types of makeup out there for the lips, but one that has continuously managed to remain easy and popular is lip gloss. One of the biggest attractions of lip gloss is its enormous number of colors’ and styles that will suit virtually every single occasion. Red is huge for the lips this fall from plums to crimsons and nearly every hue in-between.

Here are some good ways to put on the lip gloss in order to ensure how it will look its best:

  • The wand application is by far the most popular type of application due to the fact that it is so simple to put on. All one needs is a sponge and wand to apply it as one would mascara by rubbing it on the lips. Other benefits of the wand application include the fact that it is widely used by various cosmetic companies and it is easy to transport and is very durable.
  • If one is looking for alternatives, however, one can try to use the pot with a brush technique, which is used mostly when one is at home and feels a need to perk up their appearance. One must be warned that, when on the go, this technique might not work as well.
  • Finally, a quirky and yet retro technique is none other than roller balls. Roller balls are very much like the wand application, but they give off a pep that the wand application seems to lack…perfect for a preppy look.

Look fresh anytime of the day with a blast of red found in an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Reade PM handbag.

Embodying that celebrated embossed Vernis leather pattern with the LV monogram logos in red.  Vernis patent leather fans include Paris Hilton and Blake Lively. This color offers and immediate bright happy feeling no matter where the day begins.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Reade blends faultlessly to the staples. The Reade PM works well for a number of activities including shopping, commuting or sightseeing. Inspired by the classic shopper, the shape is petite but is workable to carry all necessities.  

The used bag works ideally for the type of gal who don´t care to be bogged down with an oversize bag.  The hand-held LV Vernis Reade tote’s double flat leather straps are an easy carry. Gold hardware are scattered about in the form of engraved studs with the Louis Vuitton name on each of them.

The open top tote contains a spacious interior and feature a leather trimmed zipper pocket on the side wall to store a wallet, keys or a cell.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Reade PM is functional, stylish and when simply carried in the hand makes a great statement wherever heading during the day. Use it alone or as a side companion with another designer handbag.

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