One of the many annoying blemishes on our otherwise very attractive faces is acne. Acne, which can occur no matter what the age is, is usually believed to be caused by a collection of skin bacteria called P. acnes (hence the name).  Clogged pores and overactive oil glands that are blocked by dead skin cells is another main cause-

However, there are other factors that one must take into consideration. Here are just a few of them:

  • Cell phones

 As strange as it may seem, excessive time on one’s cell phone can cause pimples, as the phone rubbing up against the cheek or chin can create oil. This cause, which is called acne mechanica, occurs in people such as football players or violinists, due to the fact that they continuously use objects that rub up against the cheek or chin. The best way to prevent this is to rub down your phone with a good cleanser or simply not hold it against one side.

  • Hair products

Hairstyling products that help the follicles can damage the face, according to some dermatologists. The oils in the products can often have disastrous effects on the face. This makes it important to look at the ingredient list to see if acne causing materials are in it, namely emulsifier Laureth-23, silicone and petrolatum.

  • Instant fighter

Paradoxically, although toothpaste can sometimes serve as a combat towards acne, it may also cause the problem to become even worse. This is due to the fact that some toothpaste contains fluoride which is shown to cause irritation and, with it, pimples.

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