Never be Understated but Remain Chic with a Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Marjorie Handbag

Almost everyone knows that shiny teeth are great for one’s appearance, but may not be aware that they are equally good for one’s health. Here are just a few of the health benefits that having great teeth can offer one, some of which will sure to surprise.

  • Healthy teeth may help you lose weight. As strange as it may sound, this occurs for a very sound reason. Flossing regularly will prevent gingivitis, a inflammation of the gums and inflammation usually plays with the metabolism, which in turn leads to weight gain.
  • Stronger enamel will keep away tooth pain. This means that, within moderation, you can eat what you want without worrying about a sharp throb in that molar. You can get strong enamel by eating calcium rich foods as they get rid of teeth acids and staying away from excessive sweet eating.
  • Good teeth and gums may help control diabetes. One of the many signs of diabetes is gum disease and it can be more severe for those who are suffering from diabetes. In addition, those with gum disease must take care to watch their blood sugar level.
  • Finally, clean teeth can help your heart. Endocarditis is a heart infection that occurs when bacteria, like those on your teeth, go into the bloodstream and, thus into the heart. By ridding yourself of these bacteria, you are putting years on your life.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Marjorie Bag is one that will never be understated as well as being a discontinued design. This   elegant flap style saddle bag is crafted in navy Louis Vuitton Mini Lin monogram canvas which is lighter in weight, yet just as durable.

The used Marjorie also contains navy blue leather trim that accents much of its frame. It is completed by gold tone hardware including a buckle on the overlapping flap. This is all about a classic meeting each day with nothing less than positives.

The single leather top strap fits ideally over the shoulder. It is also removable on one side and can be worn a number of ways, such as a wristlet. Another option is to tuck it completely away and it is an instant clutch.

Flip open the Louis Vuitton Mini Lin bag and it reveals a spacious interior lined in winter white fabric material. The inside contains two patch pockets on one wall.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Marjorie Handbag is the one that is now considered a collectable. Paula Abdul and Paris Hilton are fans of the Mini Lin Monogram series.

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