It seems that world famous fashion company Louie Vuitton has created a hit product yet again with a revolutionary new collection. The collection in question is none other than a series of innovative timepieces known as the Tambour Spin Time Collection.

The Spin Time is innovative for the fact that they are normal watches with the hour hands being replaced by a creative system that has never been seen before, with 12 cubes that show the hour by showing the number on them, while the rest of them remain blank. The cubes represent AM and PM on two different sides, making it very convenient. This alone would make it a collector’s item for many people, but there’s also a very stylish aspect to it.

One such stylish aspect comes from the lovely black and white Tambour Spin Time Joaillerie version, which features a dial covered in pave diamonds in alternating colors and the Louie Vuitton crosses, giving it a glamorous appearance that has an overall sky feeling.

The original piece is complimented with a white alligator watchband, which makes the watch seem like a sky studded with stars. For the fall, the alligator strap is scheduled to be in black. Any wearer is certainly will be the star of attention at any event with this piece.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Little Satin Alma Noir Handbag will easily fall into place with a Tambour Spin Time Joaillerie watch. This is regardless of the season and a bag like this one can take a gal like Joanne Froggatt, Blake Lively, Paris Hilton and Madonna to chicer heights.

Earn rave reviews with what is now considered a house classic from Louis Vuitton of the Alma framing in a more petite version with plenty of edge and originality. The innovative design is a special edition Alma that can work well in the evenings. Due to its LV monogram black satin and smooth black leather trimmings.

This pre-owned bag is simply dazzling and makes this Alma very different from other editions.  It has stunning silver tone hardware added to it to compliment the two dimensional black backdrop.

The used LV Satin Alma is hand-carried and offers two leather handles with a top wrap around zipper closure with elongated LV engraved pull.

The interior is exceptionally roomy for the Mini Alma and is lined in black.  

Make this fall, winter upcoming and next spring and summer a shimmering one with an authentic Louis Vuitton Little Satin Alma Handbag.