One of the most popular and yet unlikely locations that any traveler wants to see is the country of Egypt. With Egyptian themes, mythology and character penetrating the mainstream landscape for many years, it’s no surprise that the country is so popular on many traveler’s bucket list. Unfortunately, the country is quite a distance for many as well as rather expensive for people to go to and it has sadly been crossed off many lists.

Luckily, there’s several ways to see the most iconic parts Egypt without actually having to go to the country. Here are just a few of them:

  • The Egyptian Museum in Berlin

One of the largest and most impressive collections of the world, this museum contains such wonders such as the famous bust of Nefertiti as well as plenty of other ancient art, statues, reliefs and papyrus.

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

MOMA is well known for their Egyptian exhibit, which has remained there for many years. Arguably their most famous piece is  the Temple of Dendur, that was airlifted there after the disastrous flood of Nubia. Outside the museum is Cleopatra’s Needle, a stunning obelisk.

  • British Museum in London

There is another Cleopatra’s Needle at the British Museum and their collection may rival that of MOMA’s, being one of the oldest and largest collections of Egyptian works, including King Tut’s tomb, discovered by their world famous Egyptologist Howard Carter in the 1920s.

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