Be so Stylish so and Remain Elegant with a Classic Gucci Monogram Boat Pochette

 Summer is all about fun and relaxation. While fashion may be fickle, some trends never walk away. Thongs or flip flops are one piece of footwear that is always is in style at the beach or a fine resort. As defined, flip flops are open footwear, held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap like a thin thong that passes between the big toe and the second toe

The thong sandals or flip flops have a soft, squishy and comfortable at home feeling. They are easy to wear, and the style is perfectly suited to warm weather casual apparel. There are flip flops practical for every occasion as more versatile versions are available that is unmistakably hot.

Try some sparkle for day in a vivid pair of flip flops. Not only do they come in beads but sequins too. Add a little glam to your summer style with the thong sandal that can now move gracefully and instantly from day to evening, work to play, simple to sophisticate. It will be a perfect match no matter what your wardrobe style is. You will look stylish with the added bonus on hot summer days; comfort.

Some are even made for walking with a wedge heel and are consider leg shaper's.

Slide into warm weather with their relaxed style and super comfort by picking out several pairs. Have the opportunity to purchase metallic’s, single and multicolored jewels and in colorful fabric or plastic.   

One of the most classic Gucci styles that go from day to night, no matter the season, is a pochette. The authentic Gucci Monogram Boat Pochette Handbag has a sleek frame shape with a flat oblong base that looks like a boat. The pochette that has been seen with Sarah Jessica Parker is crafted in gorgeous Gucci Signature GG monogram canvas jacquard fabric and in the hottest color brown on beige.

It is highlighted by light brown leather in a single leather strap that fits over the arm, as well of trimming on the circumference of the flat base.  

All hardware on this pre-owned Gucci is in silver tone, including the signature plate on its front embossed with the ‘Gucci’ name.  

A top zip top closure opens up the used Gucci bag to a lining based in cocoa brown textile fabric.  There is ample room for organizing the items that are essential to carry, such as keys, lipstick, cell, cards and wallet.

The authentic Gucci Monogram Boat Pochette Handbag can vary its use stylishly so and remain that classic that is here to stay just like a pair or two of flip flops.

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