Every girl has a favorite scent in a fragrance that can be enjoyed daily. Just a “little dab will do you” and one bottle of perfume or cologne can last longer than thought. Normally as time goes on, the properties behind any fragrance can break down and change its original scent. This happens especially during the excess heat of the dog days of summer.

Whether a diva is a perfume collector or a mere fragrance enthusiast, there are some sure fire tips that help that scent in a bottle last longer. Keep the bouquet just as fresh as when the package is opened with a few simple suggestions for longevity of any personal favorite.

  • Any fragrances that are not in use are best kept in their original boxes. Leaving them out can break down the scent.
  • Ideally, store perfumes in a dry, cool and dark area.
  • Direct sunlight will accelerate a scent to spoil before its time.
  • Restrain bringing perfume into the bathroom because the humidity and heat from a shower can change the scent and make it unpleasant.
  • Any scent will gradually have its alcohol content evaporate by the opening and closing of the perfume bottles. This is why the cap must be on tight.
  • Oxidation can also occur for not keeping its lid tightly closed. Oxidation will permanently alter any bouquet.

Although the authentic Chanel Cosmetic Case can be used as a stylish makeup bag to place in your designer handbag, it can serve for other purposes too such as storing a bottle of perfume.

The Chanel cosmetic bag is featured in scrumptious black leather in typical Chanel diamond pattern. The pre-owned Chanel clutch’s frame is square in shape. It is an easy carry as a clutch style bag.

Against its black leather, the used Chanel makeup case features a mini sized gold tone CC logo placed on its front exterior. There is a thick exposed zipper is near the top of the Chanel cosmetic case and covers the entire circumference.

The interior is lined in beige leather and with plenty of space to hole your makeup essentials.

Be creative and use an authentic Chanel Cosmetic Case for individual needs and makes good sense to own. Think of the possibility’s from evening clutch, makeup case, perfume storage and even a jewelry holder.