The Fendi Tote is a Classy Run-Around Bag

One of the first status symbols lasting 80 years is the iconic crocodile logo. The love for the croc originated at the 1927 U.S. Open. French tennis player René Lacoste wore the green crocodile logo on the chest of his white, jersey petit piqué, short-sleeve shirt. René´s idea came from his nickname, the crocodile, so it was only a natural concept that his popularity on the court and his unusual logo brought much attention to the news media.

In 1933, Rene founded the original Lacoste apparel company. Ever since the inception of La Chemise Lacoste shirt, it has been linked to elegance and wealth.  

Lacoste is doing something a little different for its 80th anniversary celebration. It is perfect for those individuals that want a custom styling and love arts and crafts.   The French brand has created 12 Limited Edition Custom Polo Kits.    This allows one’s creativity to personalize and design your own polo shirt with customization ranging from painting, sewing, spray-painting, needle and stitch, foiling, and more.  

A new kit is released for each of the 12 months and can be purchased on-line. Lacoste has other limited editions off the racks in the way of shirts, sweaters and dresses that will only be available for the remaining of the year. One sought after item includes the classic white shirt with a black gator stitched above the number 80.

Nothing goes better with a Lacoste casual-on-the-go than a casual designer handbag. Test the limits of fashion with one of the most coveted designer bags that has gone colorful with an authentic Fendi Tote Bag. Stand out above Fendi fans such as Sarah Jessica Parker with this durable and totally classy number.

The tote offers true classic Fendi detailing including the oversized Fendi logo monograms in white, blue and green canvas,

The pre-owned Fendi tote contains two blue leather spaghetti straps that make it a breeze to carry over the shoulder without weighing a girl down.

Using this used Fendi helps hold more items than other handbags of this size.  It makes for a convenient way to enhance an outfit too. The main compartment is open via a top zipper. The interior is lined in navy textile fabric.  The internal zippered pocket will secure additional items. Directly above it is a ‘Fendi Made in Italy’ gold tone name plate.
The authentic Fendi Tote Bag is charming, practical and perfect in size for everyday running around, especially when wearing a limited edition Lacoste shirt or dress.

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