The popularity of jewelry seem to wax and wane throughout the years. One day it seems like something is at the high of its popularity and, the next, it’s gone. One particular jewelry style that has never gone out of fashion is pearls.

Pearls have a long and extensive history with fashion, wealth and taste. Pearls were mostly worn by nobility, royalty or the upper class for much of history and were even used as currency in Ancient China, due to the fact that they were worth more than gold. At one time, they were even used as a beauty treatment by Cleopatra, who had them ground up and placed in wine, believing that the beauty of the pearl would come to her skin.  

Nowadays, pearls are considerably more available and are getting a revolutionary new makeover. Although it may seem like a paradox, the pearl is now being used in fashion as a sort of rebel image, as seen from the punky displays that was very popular at the fall runways this year.

From pearl rings and cuffs with a gold finishing, to combat boots studded with the gemstone to even spike topped pearls on necklaces and clutches, this tough look is sure to be a big hit.

There’s another designer that has added a bit of funky to a classic is Fendi.   If there´s one designer handbag to consider as an accessory staple then go with the simplicity of an authentic Fendi Zucca Quilted Black Canvas Tote. Add it as an interesting blend by making it always appropriate when looking for an edgy feel with trendy pearls.    
The pre-owned Fendi Zucca pattern is known for its distinguishable inverted black FF logo all over the exterior. There’s an eye catching top stitched detailing in a quilted diamond pattern that graphically gets smaller towards the center. The bag is complimented even further by black leather trimming.

The tote style fits into any lifestyle and is a breeze to keep pristine.  The used Fendi  Zucca  contains high quality silver tone hardware too.  It is featured in its chain link interwoven with black leather double shoulder straps.

There is plenty of interior space within and can even carry a laptop and more. The fabric lined interior contains a side wall zippered pocket.

Be in good company with a roster of  smart looking celebrities that are huge Fendi Zucca  fans such as Katie Holmes, Jennifer Love Hewitt,  Jessica Simpson and just about everyone else.  

Owning an authentic Fendi Zucca Quilted Black Canvas Tote creates an immediate wow factor with function on its own or with another funky piece added on.