A Classy Bag such as the Louis Vuitton Black Multicolor Priscilla will make an Impression

 Of all of the foodstuffs in the world, one of the most popular ones around the world is chocolate. Chocolate began in Mexico, where the Aztecs used cocoa beans as currency and having the privilege to eat or drink chocolate meant that one had a large amount of wealth. Although the value of chocolate has since gone down, its benefits have only improved.  

Contrary to popular belief, chocolate does contain many health benefits, some of which include improving mood, memory, weight loss and the maintenance of joint health and blood pressure. Studies have shown that chocolate might even be able to combat cancer, diabetes and heart problems.

With all this in mind, here are some of the best chocolate producing countries in the world:

  • Belgium began their chocolate empire in 1912 and they have remained on top ever since. It began with Jean Neuhaus and his combination of cream, crushed nuts and sugar, all surrounded by chocolate: the praline. Since then, the entire country has over 2,130 chocolate shops and each one will have something adjusted to anyone’s taste.
  • Switzerland has an older chocolate tradition, however, having begun in 1875, when Daniel Peter managed to create the first milk chocolate, making the confectionary a little more palatable for those not accustomed to dark chocolate. To this day, the country is well known for their goods, particularly their famous Lindt brand.
  • France might not be the first country that comes to mind when one thinks chocolate but it certainly is one of the larger ones. Although it’s pricey, it’s worth getting a box while you’re there, particularly Pierre Hermé and Pierre Marcolini.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Black Multicolor Priscilla is said to be named after the character ‘Priscilla’ in an old 1928 film starring Joan Crawford, “Across to Singapore.” It has a look that is truly sweet candy and will immediately impress any chocoholic favorite.

The frame has a modern urban style often found in Louis Vuitton designer handbags with the Takashi Murakami and Marc Jacob’s original design signature. The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Priscilla is crafted of monogram multicolor canvas in black and has natural cowhide leather trim and gold tone hardware.  

There’s an outside pocket with a natural leather strap closure.  The double handles are rounded making it comfortable to carry.

The Priscilla has a double top zipper with two gold tone engraved pulls opening up to a spacious holding capacity. The inside of the used Louis Vuitton is lined in superb and durable beige micro-fiber. Besides space, the interior contains an inside pocket,

The authentic Louis Vuitton Black Multicolor Priscilla is such a classy bag that is super cute too. 

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