Add more Whimsical essence to Summertime Fun with a Louis Vuitton Pink Monogram Cherry Blossom Pochette

 Yogurt is milk that is fermented by heat, changing it into living bacteria. It developed as an edible eating item with several speculations of origins include India, Iran, Turkey or Southern Europe.  

No matter which country was the first to develop yogurt, all agree that the hot climate was responsible. Everyone professed that eating yogurt had promoted good health long before the northern counterparts took notice.

Winning the Nobel Prize for his studies of the fermentation products like yogurt and their potential health benefits, Ilya Metchnikoff’s research confirmed the connection between the longevity of Balkan citizens with their ever-growing consumption of yogurt.

The world’s first commercial yogurt plant opened in Barcelona, Spain in1919. Owner Isaac Carasso was fascinated with the works of the Nobel Prize winning scientist and named his company after his son, Daniel as ‘Danone Yogurt.’

The health benefits of yogurt are well documented and how versatile this nifty little food item is. Yogurt quickly came in new varieties and flavors to make it the common food item it is today. Eat it as an aid to diets, use it to make a great smoothie or even as a main dessert by adding your own chunks of fresh fruit into it.

One of the most favorite flavors happens to be cherry. A limited edition and authentic Louis Vuitton Pink Monogram Cherry Blossom Pochette will blend right into summertime occasion while offering plenty of head turning.

Designed by Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami, it will only make one smile by its blossoming and smiling flower patterns placed all over the white background leather canvas pouch.

The LV monogram canvas is complimented with attractive leather trimming with an adorable bow and gold tone studs. It offers an edge to the traditionally feminine styling and can work for teens to fun-loving seniors.

The pre-owned Cherry Blossom Pochette is a collectible item and should not only be considered a designer handbag but contemporary art to carry along.

The used Louis Vuitton pouch’s strap can slip over the shoulder or be  hand-carried. Tuck its strap within and it is now a playful clutch.

The top zipper opening reveals an interior that is based in soft tan Alcantara fabric and offers just the right amount of space for personal effects.

Allow the whimsical essence of summertime fun happen day or night with an authentic Louis Vuitton Pink Monogram Cherry Blossom Pochette by Takashi Murakami.

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