One villain lurking around during the warmer weather, especially in humid environments, is the mosquito. 

The normal diet of a mosquito is plant juices. However, it is the female mosquito who needs more protein than plant juices can ever provide f her to lay eggs. Therefore, she concentrates on gaining the extra protein from blood.

However, one bitten, a human becomes sensitized and begin to develop small, itchy bumps within 24 hours  Carry a personal first aid that will deal with a bite.  There are several effortless ways to treat a mosquito bite with inexpensive at-home remedies and some of the can be carried with you.

  • Mixing baking soda with water is one of the easiest wa  to battle a mosquito bite. Spread this mixture directly on the bite and leave on for 15 minutes.
  • Take a cotton-ball saturated in water and add some table salt to it, and apply to the bite. This may sting but will fight off the potential for infection
  • An ice pack or frozen packaged vegetables place in a towel can be pressed against the bite to decrease any swelling.
  • Bring along a whole fresh lemon wherever you go.  If a bite occurs on the road, cut the lemon and place it directly on the mosquito bite. Not only will it fight infection but will help alleviate the urge to scratch. 
  • Applying aloe gel in the wound not only assists to eliminate the itching but also diminishes scar that appears if you do scratch.

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