Fans of classic 40’s music, the Rat Pack and entertainment everywhere are getting overjoyed at the release of an intriguing, informative and sure to be exciting autobiography. The autobiography is of legendary singer, actor and media figure Paul Anka. The autobiography, which is titled ‘My Way’ after the classic Sinatra song penned by Anka, shows off his smooth and classy demeanor hasn’t change after all his long years of business.

Showing off an insider view into the entertainment business, Anka writes about his experiences with fame and his meet ups with the vast amount of celebrities he worked with in and out of the Las Vegas scene throughout his life with so many examples including Elizabeth Taylor, Tom Jones, Michael Jackson, Sammy Davis, Jr., Brigitte Bardot and, most famously, Frank Sinatra.

Anka also touches on his private life and the work he did for several decades, including the story behind one of his most famous songs, ‘Time of Your Life,’ which was originally written for a Kodak commercial and became so popular, people were requesting the song from the company rather than the film. This book is funny, at times poignant and should definitely be picked up.

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