Summertime is now in full motion and that means that most people have gotten out their lighter wear and will now be showing more and more skin as the temperature continues to rise. This certainly doesn’t mean that the only fashion option is sleeveless, however. There are many different options available that will let you bear those arms out in the sunshine. Here are just a few of them:

  • One exotic looking appearance that is sure to stun up any gathering is light, loose or translucent sleeves which is a staple in Middle Eastern and African countries.  
  • Another, more standard, type to get is a cardigan that is loose-knit or a wrap shawl. Either look drapes the arms without suffocating them and is graceful yet camouflages itself.
  • Yet another elegant look is a draped neckline with dolman sleeves and one must make sure that the sleeves extend down towards the elbow as it takes focus away from the arms and more towards the shoulders. 
  • Finally, one look that is just as cool, if not better than going sleeveless is a three-quarter-length sleeve. This style can give off a very flattering appearance and its best to look for ones with translucent fabrics.

Cameron Diaz, Sofia Coppola and Shannen Doherty look for super comfy and super style with a designer handbag. They are all owners the authentic Chanel Cerf Executive Tote Bag. This is a bag that can go to an office with assignments in hand or take on a trip.

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The double handles make it easy to swing over the shoulder or carry on the arm.  The truly desirable trademark turn lock CC logo is situated on a thin flap-over leather strip.

The pre-owned Chanel Cerf is framed huge and offers a flat base making it balanced to place down. It is large but a lightweight, and offers plenty of room for all daily essentials, plus some. Fit in magazines, folders, documents, water, and even an iPad with room to spare.

This used Cerf’s interior is based in ivory leather and matching fabric textile. There is ample space and even a center compartment that is zippered.  

With style, space and durability, the authentic Chanel Cerf Tote Bag Handbag is not for work only and is versatile enough for any smart diva to find its use to fit their lifestyle