Enjoy the most astounding pyrotechnics display provided by Macy´s to celebrate America´s birthday for the 37th time.  Many consider New York City and Macy’s creates the biggest fireworks spectacle and is getting more exciting each year.   
This year’s lineup for the first time will have a guest curator to create the musical backdrop for the 2013 fireworks show.

Celebrities such as Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, Cher and Rihanna are just a few added to either perform live or be a part of the mix intended by R&B star Usher. His creative endeavor is designed  to synchronize with the dazzling fireworks added to the use a specific lighting light show on the Empire State Building’s spire, LEDs, and  lasers.

As in years past, this event is scheduled to break the crowd record. One great option to experience New York City's number one fireworks display is from a sightseeing cruise in the New York Harbor. Get up close and always obtain an unobstructed view.  

Even if getting near the river is impossible, enjoy the display and music simulcast on TV.

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