Allow an Outfit to Bloom to Fashion Forward with a Louis Vuitton Monogram Hudson GM

 Summer time is one of the most popular times of year for wedding and, with the beautiful weather and warm, inviting climate; it’s easy to see why it’s so popular this time of year. Of course, with weddings comes the wedding bouquet, perhaps the most important part of the preparations for the celebration. Here are some of the best ways to get that perfect wedding bouquet for the perfect occasion:

  • The first, and possibly most important, tip to take is to get local flowers. Many flower shops sell flowers from other nations such as from Kenya, Ecuador, Columbia and Holland. It’s best to get mostly locally grown flowers as they are more reliable and fresh.
  • That doesn’t mean you should neglect flowers from other countries though. Quite the contrary, a good assortment of exotic flowers can spice up that reception and those arrangements in a jiffy.  
  • Make that floral arrangement even more beautiful and eye catching by putting in flowers of all sorts of colors. With the correct combination, even the most boring display can be dominating and grab everyone’s attention.
  • Finally, one of the aspects that are often overlooked with flowers is the shape. A good symmetry of flowers at the reception will enhance everyone’s enjoyment whether in a simple arrangement or bursting with several varieties.

One designer handbag that is a beauty and inspired by that Marc Jacobs touch is an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Hudson GM handbag. The bag combine’s designer Marc Jacobs's city street smarts by naming this stunning bag after his hometown’s river, the Hudson.

Crafted with the traditional Louis Vuitton monogram canvas, the pre-owned Hudson Bag is as contemporary as it gets for an everyday shoulder bag.

Gold tone metal hardware is used to its best advantage. The Hudson’s sharp look is by its two exterior pockets with gold tone Louis Vuitton engraved push locks. This makes the Hudson so functional for extra storage for an exterior zipper pocket directly above.

The used LV Hudson also uses natural cowhide leather including its single leather strap. Carting the bag all around a breeze as it contains an addition pad at the top of its strap.  It can be lengthened via its adjustable buckles to meet an individual’s needs.

Gain access from the top with its zipper opening with a gold tone LV engraved pull.
The space inside is lined in a beige micro-fiber and is extremely roomy.  The LV Hudson offers one large open pocket and another for cell.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Hudson GM handbag is an ideal all-around shoulder bag that will make an outfit bloom.

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