Withstand all Travel Elements with a Prada Messenger Bag

 The world famous Guggenheim Museum located in New York is about to honor yet another famous figure in the world of art. That figure is none other than influential artist James Turrell, whose works with light and shadow continue to shock the world years later. In his first museum installation since 1980, which is named after the man himself, Turrel has managed to combine his love of light, color, space and shadow with the very Guggenheim museum itself.

This piece, entitled Aten Reign, is a ground breaking new project that converts the famous museum shape into a stunning display of natural and enhanced light, causing the structure to shift colour and shape, effectively transforming it into one of the best known works Turrell did, Roden Crater Project in 1979.

From top to bottom, the museum ensures guests that it will give an entirely new experience to all who enter it. Other works of Turrell’s can be seen throughout the interior of the Guggenheim. The exhibition will be running from June 21 to September 25 in 2013 and is coinciding with two other exhibits based on Turrell’s work in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.

A functional designer handbag that can withstand the elements of travel, shopping and more is the authentic Prada Messenger Bag. this long frame bag is crafted in thick black canvas fabric and silver tone hardware.  

That feature alone makes the Prada bag ideal for any outing no matter the weather. It is easy to pack in luggage when heading on vacation and pull out as an instant stunner ready for use as the main bag or an extra.

Designed along the style of a classic messenger bag, its single canvas strap is made for strength and is adjustable to any size that offers an individuals’ comfort. There’s even an extra zipper pocket on the front exterior that’s ideal to store items needed right at hand such as a camera.

No functional Prada is ever without its insignia triangle logo bearing the innovative Milan designer´s house name. This time, it is right smack up front on this large shoulder bag and cannot be missed.

The used Prada´s interior opens via a top zip and tenders enough space to carry the essentials.  The inside is crafted in blacj jacquard lining.

 Huge fans of the authentic Prada Messenger Bag for more than one good reason are Kate Winslet and Renée Zellweger.

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