When one is trying to keep the face clean and clear of any marks, breakout or other problems, one must remember that treatments don’t clear up the face alone. It is important to know that the diet can be just as, if not sometimes more important than what you put on the face. Luckily, the coin goes both ways as there as several different types of drinks that can clear up the face. Here are just a few of them:

  • Plain old water

First, the most important beverage to get inside you is water. Water contains many benefits one of which is that it will flush out all the toxins and cause your face to get out all the bad oils in it.

  • Green Juice

Consisting of simple ingredients such as apples, celery stalks, spinach and carrots, it will come as a surprise to many at how well it manages to hydrate the skin.

  • Acai Smoothie

 Acai is already well known for having many benefits in terms of helping out the skin with its high amount of omega 3 but combining it in a smoothie helps the skin become more youthful, smoother and radiant by keeping the skin cells strong.

  • Pretty potion

Though this may sound like some kind of exotic item out of a fantasy book, this concoction couldn’t be any simpler. The drink consists of citrus fruits and vegetables such as ginger and baby carrots. This is great for reducing puffiness in the skin.

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