Deliver Style with Practicality with a Louis Vuitton Monogram Josephine PM

The test of time cause certain changes are somewhat unavoidable. Skin becomes wrinkly and begins to sag, hormones begin a new cycle and, perhaps worst of all, the hair begins to thin and may in fact fall out altogether. 

This is not only a male exclusive problem as it can happen to women as well. Some of the causes of thinning hair include age (of course) but also genetics, breakage and an excessive use of hair care product. Here are some good ways of preventing that nasty problem from ever occurring.

  • Keep the scalp clean. A good start to prevent this is to try to not overdo it with the shampoo, especially for those with dry hair as the follicle cells can fall out quicker.
  • More attention should be put to the scalp by putting on a mask to it and use other treatments. However, one must be sure to avoid chemical treatments such as perms or straightening as these can weaken the hair shaft.
  • A great haircut can help the hair stay on longer or create a great illusion of hair. Long layers usually give thickness and body to the hair.
  • A poor diet will lead to thinner hair, making it more likely to fall off. One should eat more fruits and vegetables as well as plenty of protein and seeds.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Josephine PM is a retired design that’s both sporty and sophisticated.  It  is definitely a collectable and the one. The doctor’s framed bag is in a flattering ivory and navy hue in the Mini Lin monogram canvas.

Its smooth leather is based in navy. The stunning Louis Vuitton Josephine contains gold metal hardware scattered around it including the multiple protective feet on its base.  Its center piece is an exterior d-ring.

The LV tote is a used handbag that has double rolled leather handles making it comfortable for any girl to carry. As simple as it appears, the pre-owned Louis Vuitton Josephine is so elegant and stylish. Not only use it for resort wear but match it with those winter whites next season. There is no ‘right or wrong’ season for its use.

It is opened via the top dual zipper with LV engraved pulls. A fantastic mix of design and harmony is seen within the ivory fabric lined interior. The used LV Josephine tote contains as much space as a LV Speedy, and offers a zippered pocket on one side wall and two open pockets on the opposite side.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Josephine PM is exactly what works for professional and casual summer days and the one that promises to deliver style with practicality.

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