With summer comes the need to change food choices to lighter fare. Now is the time to add melons to the fruit list. Perfect for hot days due to their cool interior, there are many different types of melons to buy. Here are some of the most popular types to get:

  • Watermelon:

 Watermelon is the number one favorite out there and is considered a staple of the summer foodstuff. Watermelon is mostly used in and eaten raw in fruit salads or in fruit platters. Look for ones that are firm, evenly shaped and should be relatively heavy for its size. Make sure to avoid watermelons that are pale or light green, has soft spots or is soft overall.

  • Cantaloupes:

Cantaloupes are just as tasty and can help get a lot of Vitamin C in the system. The most common ways of consuming cantaloupes are fresh in fruit salads or in fruit platters. Try to get cantaloupe with have large webbing or netting on the skin, yellow/orange coloring and be slightly soft on the stem end, as these are the best kinds.

  • Honeydew Melon:

 Originating in France, these melons are considered the sweetest of all and are perfect in yogurts or raw in fruit salads. Honeydew melon is popular for being extremely low in saturated fat. However, when selecting honeydew, try to avoid ones that are either too hard or too soft.   

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