Before the season gets underway in full, take a few moments and organized  makeup and put it in its place. It is way too easy to create a mess with too many lipsticks, eye shadows and pencils that are never used anymore.   

Make each morning preparation smoother by reorganizing beauty products:

  • Toss away

Immediately separate all items and throw away the things not needed. It’s fun to experiment with makeup trends and that means investing in tons of products that seem to accumulate in the drawers. If it hasn’t been used in six months to a year, just toss it.  

  • Designated makeup area

Keep a designated makeup area by starting fresh and not keeping all the makeup together.  Split the makeup up into two sections. Those for daily use and those for more dress up occasions.  Place the grouping for special occasions away in an attractive case or cosmetic bag. Obtain clear containers for the makeup used daily.

  • Sort and separate

Once the daily beauty products are sorted and separated now is the time to get really organized.  Divide them into subcategories such as lipsticks, mascara, eye shadow, blush, etc. Each category will placed in their own clear container, so it’s easy to identify what’s inside. There’s nothing like looking for one particular shade when you’re in a rush and not being able to find it. The daily routine becomes so trouble-free with this method. Never have to search again.

Nothing goes better with storing away makeup that an authentic designer storage unit. Although the authentic Chanel Vanity Cosmetic Case can be used as a stylish vanity makeup case, it can serve for other purposes too. Lady Gaga uses hers for storing diamonds and other jewelry when on the road.

The vanity cosmetic bag is featured in scrumptious black leather. The exterior is square in shape and includes the infamous CC logo embossed on its front. There is a double zipper on the top of the pre-owned Chanel cosmetic case that joins together upon closure by a circular leather charm with gold tone CC logo on it.

The interior of this used case will easily store all beauty products, jewelry or other items and allow easy access to them whenever needed.

It will organize nicely and ready to be moved when traveling as a hand carry. There are several elastic bands compartments along the inside perimeter. This presents storage of makeup bottles, perfumes and toiletries.

There will be plenty of room is left over in the authentic Chanel Vanity Cosmetic Case for storing all the night time makeup you will ever need.