Fall Into Place with the 'It' bag of the Louis Vuitton Noe Epi Noir Kouril

 Fashion lovers all across the world are abuzz with a startling new revelation shaking through the foundations of their field. Famed model, actress and Vogue contributor Alexa Chung is planning on writing atell all book about her life and her experiences in the fashion industry.

The book, which is titled the nihilistic and yet cloying “It” has been planned for months. The reason it is making such a splash within the fashion world is because both the book cover and the release has just been disclosed.

With influences ranging from figures as popular as Jane Birkin to Mick Jagger, it’s no surprise that the book is almost certain to be a smash hit. With writings, photographs and drawings, all done by Alexa herself, this book gives an eye opening and insiders look into the fashion industry.

Everything, from simple decisions such as what to wear in the morning to more insightful thoughts such as the meaning of life itself, is detailed in this book.  The book, which is due to come out on September 5th, is filled with charm, a well-grounded personality and a small amount of wit.

The authentic Louis Vuitton EPI Leather Petite Noe handbag is one that is featured in wonderful texture and a practical color too.

Texture is always triumphant for durability and the LV signature EPI leather bag´s color of basic black speaks for itself. This makes the Louis Vuitton Noe Kouril a true classic as a well designed drawstring bucket frame.

The difference is the pre-owned LV Noir Kouril is that it maintains all the beauty and polish of the classic bucket, flattered by smooth leather trim and careful detailing in gold tone hardware. The used Louis Vuitton Kouril contains an embossed LV close to the exterior base.

One long adjustable shoulder strap can be adjusted to suit the needs and comfort of its owner. 

The lining of the interior offers yet another texture and matched the Epi leather bag perfectly with suede-like fabric.  Once reached inside, the name implied may be called petite, but there is nothing small space-wise. This LV bucket is ideal to hold anything needed for daily outings for work or play in an ultra sophisticated style.

As Alexa Chung’s book will be a sure fire hit this season, the authentic Louis Vuitton Noe Epi Noir Kouril handbag is the accessory that falls into place with any outfit.

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