Remain Hands-Free This Summer by Using a Louis Vuitton Damier Geronimos

Every woman has experienced one or more of the unexpected beauty disasters.

Mishap on nails

Those that type daily on a keyboard will shorten the manicure’s lifespan and a broken or chipped nail is inevitable. At the first sign of a break, clip or file the nail. Buff the nick with a nail file. Try to apply a nourishing product made especially for brittle nails. A Shellac manicure keeps nails chip free for 14 days.


If a summer day outing reaps a lobster-like sunburn, take an aspirin or ibuprofen at once. Apply cool compress soaked cool water. Aloe gel can soothe the skin and relieve dryness. To alleviate discomfort, try burn preparations found in the drug store that contain local anesthetics. Keep covered up for a few days when going out.


It’s a new day and then the reflection from the mirror shows a blemish (s). According to dermatologists, pressing an ice cube over the pimple reduces it.  An effective spot treatment is use a product containing benzyl peroxide to dry it out faster. For camouflage, use a foundation that offers extra coverage. One that contains slightly yellow undertones helps diminishes the redness best.

 One thing that will never be a mishap is getting out and about without worry by using an authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Geronimos. This waist bag certainly makes good sense.

It is crafted in the much desired scrumptious and iconic Damier checkerboard dark brown canvas. The waist pouch is further enhanced by its trimming in dark chocolate leather and gold tone hardware and can be considered a unisex hip bag. 

This pre-owned Louis Vuitton fanny belt can be adjusted according to desired size via its adjustable dark brown canvas waist belt. It will sit comfortably on the hip or waist or even can be carried across the shoulder.

Wearing the used Damier Geronimos will leave any jogger or woman on the go totally hands free. There is hidden flat pocket located on the Damier portion of its belt.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Geronimos waist bag is surprisingly roomy and is opened via a gold tone top zipper with LV engraved pull that opens more than a half moon.  It has more than ample space and is ideal to stash some cash and other personal items.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Geronimos keeps belongings with its owner at all times and yet they will remain hands free wherever they are.

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