Summertime is finally here and that means it’s time to wear shorter clothing, get out those flip flops and head to the beach. However, the summer season can have many negative effects, one of the largest ones being mosquito bites. Those pesky insects are known for coming out in the summer and biting legs, arms and torsos, particularly at night. Here are some good ways to get rid of itchy red bumps that one wakes up to on their bodies:

The best known and most successful cure is to simply mix normal tap/bottled water with some baking soda. Spread this mixture on to the mosquito bite and leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes.

However, there are many other good options. One of them is to take a cotton ball, apply water and normal table salt on it. Then take your cotton ball and apply it to the bite. Don’t worry if it stings for a few moments, it should do this as it is removing the infection of the bite.

To decrease swelling, a good old ice pack to the bitten area should do the trick.

Finally, one can ditch that urge to scratch by getting a lemon from the refrigerator, cutting it in half and applying the pulpy area to the bite. While it may seem odd, it has proven itself in getting rid of itchiness.

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