Add Edge to a Classic by a Louis Vuitton Rivet Pochette

 At one time, the idea of being able to go to work while still remaining at home seemed like something out of a pulp comic book, like flying cars or robot workers. However, this is far from the case as studies are showing that telecommuting is quickly becoming more popular amongst the technologically minded and it’s easy to see why.

As a commonplace alternative to actually going there, it may surprise people that telecommunication has existed long before the computer age. The word “telecommunication” was coined in the early part of the 1970s by Global Telematics; a company owned by John Niles and was one of the early pioneers in the telecommunication field.

However, telecommuting is still not used in the general workplace over fears of data being lost, or worse, stolen. Instead, telecommuting is done as a part time system, which allows people alternation between home and work.

One of the many benefits of telecommunication is that it is helpful for the environment as it reduces the need to go to work and, thus, burn fossil fuels with a car. Another one is that people no longer have to go to foreign countries to attend a meeting, they can do it from the comfort of their own home.

Telecommuting allows a gal more quality time such to enjoy life.  The best part is that a bulky handbag that gets in the way is a thing of the past.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Rivets Pochette is perfect for casual wear, and is stunningly dazzling and trendy.  This one will not only stand out as a quality designer handbag but one that is a head turner.

Crafted in the signature Louis Vuitton monogram coated canvas and natural cowhide trimmings, the uncomplicated design of the pre-owned pochette is truly a head turner by its gold tone rivet placement and a ‘Louis Vuitton Inventeur’ plate. There is a small zipper pocket directly above the plate.

Alternate its look in a variety of ways by the natural cowhide single strap. Use it as a shoulder bag or hand-held or simply tuck in the strap for a clutch. The slim line bag contains a single top zip closure to keep items secure within.

The interior is lined with brown fabric material. The interior remains roomy enough to hold the necessities, especially when less is the order of the day.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Rivets Pochette is ideal for casual daywear and out of the house events. Kate Mara and Hillary Duff enjoy the convenience of heading out light with an edge.

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