Keeping physically fit is part of a healthy lifestyle is important. Exercise burns calories, is a stress buster and helps to promote weight loss faster.

Stretching tones the muscles and strengthens flexibility, while aerobic exercises improve cardiovascular fitness. Resistance training develops muscle strength and endurance.

Make small changes in the daily routine to move a little more with the end results being weight loss and a toned figure. Check out these resourceful ways for summer to stay in shape easily.

  • Get up five minutes earlier in the morning. Before showering, utilize those extra five by stretching.
  • Take a walk around the block in the morning. Longer if the time permits. 
  • No matter where, always use the stairs rather than an escalator or elevator.
  • Get out that bike and go for a ride in the late afternoon or early evening.
  • Maintain the house by dusting, cleaning the kitchen and washing down the bathroom with music playing. Add an additional 10 minutes and dance to fast pace music afterwards. 
  • Prune, weed, dig in the garden or mow the lawn with a manual mower for great stretches.
  • With a sponge in hand, wash and wax the auto.
  • At the beach, walk barefoot on the shoreline while wading in the water. Nothing is better for resistant training.
  • Keep a planner and come up with creative ideas to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle.

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