With the upcoming summer months, it is vital for one to try and look their best. However, spa and beauty treatments can be costly and it continuously seems like one is forced to pay an inordinate amount of money just to look their greatest. However, this might not be a problem much longer as there are many less expensive, alternative methods that can be created at home. Rest assured, these certainly won’t make a dent in the wallet:

  • Soothing Toner

A quick and easy way to make a perfect toner is to first simply puree one peeled cucumber. Next, put a sieve with cheesecloth over a glass bowl. Then let the puree through the sieve and leave it there for 15 minutes. When you are done, you will have created a thin juice which, when combined with honey and shaken, will have created a nice toner that one can apply with a cotton swab.

  • Nourishing Hair Conditioner

 Mix two teaspoons of olive oil and add one half of a squashed avocado. Then mix it into the hair, making sure to get all of the roots and follicles properly slathered. Leave it for 15 minutes preferably with a shower cap on. Repeat this at least 2 times per month.

  • Teeth Whitener

Crush one strawberry until it is completely mashed. Then mix a quarter of baking soda and rub the resulting concoction on your teeth for a great whitener!

Marc Jacobs has developed many designer handbag styles for Louis Vuitton Corporation. One that is definitely inspired with that Marc Jacobs's contemporary touch is an authentic Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM handbag.

Combining the combo of his ciity street smarts added to the classic Louis Vuitton monogram canvas, the pre-owned Manhattan PM is a must-have tote that fits in with in urban attire.  Natural cowhide trim is used as well as gold tone hardware. This is included in its double top zipper opening, two LV engraved pulls, handle rings, rivets and other items.

The sharp look to this tote is by its two large exterior pockets with LV engraved push locks. Not only is the style enhanced with the pockets, but it makes the Manhattan so functional for extra storage.
The used LV Manhattan has comfortable double leather handles making carting it all around a breeze. The spacious fabric lined inside offers large open pocket.  

The authentic Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM handbag is an ideal all-around tote to use whether in a city or not. Take this trendy tote everywhere.