Have a Super Summertime Winner to Carry with a Fendi Shoulder Bag Tote

 The summer season is almost here and everyone is getting ready to have some fun in the sun. This certainly doesn’t mean that one can neglect their proper care for avoiding UV rays.  However, there are mishaps when one forgets to place on that sunscreen on. If that happens, it is inevitable that you will get burnt.  After a nasty sunburn, try some of these good and yet unusual ways for healing right away.

  • Cold milk

A good and cheap way to help your skin during the first 24 hours of a sunburn is to get a cold milk compressor. To make a cold milk compressor, simply put a clean cloth in a bowl with milk, ice cubes and water spread out equally. Then take the cloth, which is now a compressor, out and press it onto the skin for 5 minutes. Repeat this action a total of 3 times.

  • Take a pill

Aspirin has been shown to serve as an anti-inflammatory, meaning that it reduces redness and swelling. So take one while healing your skin as it will improve your appearance and well-being. 

  • Aloe Gel

This old classic is still a great remedy that never fails. Refrigerate the aloe gel so that the already powerful working anti-inflammatory oils can come with the added bonus of cold temperatures.

Using a Fendi helps women hold their items in a more convenient way especially when it won’t shun away from water. The authentic Fendi Shoulder Bag Tote tends to be one of the most popular styles for summer wear because of  not only its good looks but its functional assets as well. Sunscreen and first aid kit can always be available.

Featured in fabulous brown Fendi enamel canvas throughout its exterior with the FF monogram, the tote is water resistance. Dark chocolate brown leather accents as trim.

The pre-owned Fendi has double spaghetti straps designed to go over the shoulder. This is one that will take any smart dresser from the beach to lunch in a seaside bistro with friends.  

The used Fendi tote has a wide opening at its top. The main compartment is a pleasant surprise and will fit easily all the personal items needed, including a beach towel. The interior is lined in purple leather and has a silver tone  Fendi nametag attached.  

This all-around designer bag can keep certain items safe from view by its extended walled zipper compartment The other side of the bag contains an open pocket for a cell.

The authentic Fendi Shoulder Bag Tote handles itself as a super summertime winner bag but clever diva’s can make it work anytime. 

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