With summer comes the nerve wracking task of getting appropriate apparel and accessories for the upcoming season. One of the most important items to get before journeying out onto a beach or pool is the swimsuit. Once finding the ideal one,  take note of some good tips to properly take care of that new swimsuit:

  • To start with, hand wash swimsuits so they remain fresh and to make them last longer. Use a rinse free detergent and then soak the suits for 15 minutes in a full sink of water. Then squeeze out the water and  lay the swimsuits out flat to dry. They will be looking great in no time.
  • Another alternative way to maintain the quality of swimsuits after they’ve been used is to wash them in cold water. Contrary to the previous advice, this time do it with dish soap as it is very soft on the fabric with the added bonus that keeps the color from fading.
  • As the price of swimsuits seem to be rising higher every year, a good way of keeping the costs down is to try and mix them up! Only purchase one type of outfit, for example, the top and the bottom of the bikini may work with the ones you have at home. You might find the perfect mix and match combination and gain more usage.

The authentic Louis Vuitton EPI Leather Petite Noe handbag is one that is featured  in sharp, scorching color that can be used for so many summer occasions. Pair it during the day with a chic summer white sheath or even as a beach tote with an elegant caftan for a classy entrance on the sand. Jessica Simpson is a huge fan of this Louis Vuitton bag.

Texture is always triumphant for durability and the LV signature EPI leather bag´s Castillian red speaks for itself. The pre-owned  Vuitton Noe a true classic with its well designed drawstring bucket frame.
When compared to the standard EPI bucket, the Louis Vuitton Petite Noe is not as overwhelming in size. It still maintains all the beauty and polish.  It is further by smooth red hot leather trim and careful detailing in gold tone hardware. The used LV contains an embossed LV close to the exterior base.

One long adjustable shoulder strap can be adjusted to suit the needs and comfort of its owner.  

The interior is lined in black suede-like fabric. There’s nothing small space-wise within the Petite Noe and it  is ideal to hold anything needed for daily outings.

For ultra sophisticated style, even in casual situations, the authentic Louis Vuitton EPI Leather Petite Noe handbag is the accessory that falls into place.