Update the denim wardrobe this upcoming season as there is a huge change of weather upon the fashion scene. Even though denim reigns, the rehashing of the past has gotten a major uplift. Gain a sense of renewal to any casual wardrobe by giving the old jeans the boot and join in with a revival of the creative. 

Karlie Kloss certainly is aware of the popularity of denim. She is even contributing to it with her new and innovative clothing line, Forever Karlie. The line, which is being made in a partnership with denim company, Frame Denim, is sure to be popular with many. This is not only due to the easily recognizable brand name but the fact that the clothes are tailor made for tall women like Karlie.

Karlie’s reason for doing this is admirable as well, she claims to have done this upon reflection of her own childhood where she had a difficult time trying to find jeans that fit her. The supermodel explained this in an interview at Soho House, claiming that “I have other jeans that I wear but they all hit me above the ankle.  "I always have to wear boots with them. Now I can finally wear heels!”  The jeans are said to be pricey.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Musette Tango handbag is the ideal daily handbag all summer long and right into all the other seasons. With its rounded edges and petite size, it is light-weight and never wears one down when out and about.

Featuring the iconic LV monogram canvas throughout its squared off frame, the pre-own tango embraces a front flap not seen too often with a Louis Vuitton designer handbag. This gives it that edgy appeal and will be just as stunning day and night.

The single strap on the pre-owned Louis Vuitton Tango is crafted in cowhide leather and gold tone hardware. It is versatile and adjustable and can be worn simply over the shoulder, crossover with the ability to shorten the user’s preferred length. It lies flat to the body and never will be cumbersome, especially on those upper double digit days.

Flip open the flap to reveal a curry suede-like lining mixed stunningly with leather trimming.
The used LV Monogram Musette is surprisingly spacious despite its thin frame. There is a convenient patch pocket to store a few items too.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Musette Tango Handbag is an LV classic that can go from a casual chic bistro right to the local movie house to see the latest film while wearing an outfit designed by Forever Karlie.