Everyone seems to think that the miracle working juice cleansing diets are the best weight loss system in history. For countless decades, spry elderly men and TV pitchmen have done an endless amount of infomercials to try and sell the idea of cleansing diets but it can have extremely negative outcomes if not kept in check.

As with anything diet, a little goes a long way. Juicing can be beneficial to the body and weight control if done in moderation or under a doctor’s supervision. However, some people get carried away and just juice. By not eating a nutritious meal can cause health problems.

A healthier lifestyle is much more appealing and easy to maintain especially during the summer months.

  • Go ahead and juice but not more than one day a month.
  • Begin each morning 15 minutes earlier than normal and get right into a new day by stretching.
  • Eat some fresh fruit, or a fruit smoothie made from the summer’s harvest of strawberries, raspberries or blueberries.  
  • Add some superfoods to the diet such as Goji berries. They are breaking at the seams in antioxidants.
  • Go for that ½ hour walk in the early morning before the temps become extreme. It gets the blood flowing. 
  • Find exercises for a workout that are a match to do at home, in a pool or at the gym.
  • During hot weather no-one really wants to cook, so spend time eating light.  This is the perfect opportunity to broil some seafood and get creative with salads.  
  • Drink plenty of liquids, especially water.  It is easier to become dehydrated without even realizing it.  
  • Remember the only diet a girl can really trust is a well balanced one.

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