Summer time is rapidly approaching and everyone is scrambling to try and get their perfect appearance for the upcoming months. With the arrival of the sun, beach and festive months, it’s finally time to ditch that hair blower, curling iron and straightener. Here are some of the best styles to try and get for this summer season:

  • Classic beach waves:

A perfect look for those beach months, the best way to style it is to damp your hair, air-dry it a bit more and use salt spray. After, make sure to divide it into four different sections, put it in a bun and let your hair dry between 30-45 minutes. Let it out and just spritz the salt spray a bit more and you’ve got the entire look down.

  • Braiding hair:

Some people have been braiding hair for the majority of their lives, and it’s easy to see why. It's a stylish way to do-up your locks without too much effort. A unique new twist on this old favorite would be to a French braid or a low, normal braid using a shining and smoothing oil on it.

  • Chic ponytail:

This is one fashionable hairstyle that will never go out of popularity. Low ponytails are said to be the hot item and the best way to get it is to give your hair a deep-set part or a double-part, parting in a "v" shape, starting at the front to the back, and brush the ponytail so it's nice and smooth. However, one could play up the part and give it a different mood.

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