The tennis season is in full force. In 1912, the International Lawn Tennis Federation (ILTF) was formed for the purpose of directing the four major tournaments: Wimbledon, the United States, Australian, and French championships. This later changed to the ITF as the word “lawn” fell out of use.

This weekend Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal took the championship titles in the Madrid Open. Next it is on to Paris and then from June 24 to July 7th is the excitement of the Wimbledon Championships begins. Wimbledon is the world's premier tennis event and tends to bring out the best in players and most likely Serena will be there.

Originally championship games in tennis only took in amateur players. 1968 was a turning point as many of these champions left the circuit towards private exhibitions to earn some money. These championship games were losing their best players to the professional circuit and Wimbledon removed the restriction and others followed suit and the era of open and profession player tennis began.

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