Obtain Super Shine with a Louis Vuitton Vernis Reade PM

 Well groomed hands can make a lasting impression and having hands and nails as Barbara Streisand always says, “like butter” is ideal. However, manicures can always chip when away and who wants to head to a salon for a repair on vacation?    

Longer lasting and chip proof nails all through the vacation can be had when obtaining Shellac manicure.

It is not a gel, which is now passé as the hottest trend in nails. Rather it is similar to polish that remains chip-free and never lose its shine for more than 2 weeks, if not more.

Unlike gels, Shellac does not damage the nail and is applied in the same manner just like ordinary nail polish is by a manicurist. A UV lamp is used to promote immediate drying during the application of the base coat, and between the two coats of color and the top coat.

Once dried, nails are hard and do not scratch or smudge. This procedure can only be done in a salon.  It is best to return to the salon for removal with a Shellac nail-friendly solution.

With nails in place, any diva can be as active as she wishes on vacation and never worry about her nails.

Look summery and fresh with an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Reade PM handbag. Embodying that celebrated Louis Vuitton elegance with the embossed Vernis leather pattern, the purse offers that fresh shine like a new manicure.

It certainly isn’t shy in its unexpected color choice either. The Louis Vuitton adds that jolt of unique hue of fuchsia that blends faultlessly with a summer wardrobe of whites, brights and neutrals.

The pre-owned Reade works great for any woman´s daily lifestyle and is ideal for those who don´t care for over-sized bags. Its square frame is just the right size for those that dislike bulky and overbearing shopping totes.
The LV Monogram Vernis features natural cowhide leather as trimmings and its double flat handles that is hand carried. Gold hardware are scattered about in the form of studs with the Louis Vuitton name engraved on each.

Inspired by the classic shopper, the shape is petite but contains workable space within its fuchsia fabric interior to carry all necessities. The used Louis Vuitton Reade tote contains an inner zipper pocket to store keys or a cell with a gold padlock-like pull in gold tone.

Cart along the authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Reade PM handbag this summer. It is lightweight and makes perfect sense for looking sharp and has been seen on the arms of Serena Williams, Blake Lively and Lindsay Lohan.

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