The Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Siracusa MM Bag is Ideal for that Place in the Sun

A host of A-list celebrities have been coming to Sicily for years and find the island a perfect escape from Hollywood and London. Celebrities such as Madonna, Sean Connery and Giorgio Armani  head on a vacation retreat to places that offer lush surrounding and a beach, points of interest, delightful weather, and where they can maintain going about unnoticed.

With the distinctive Sicilian flavor, brimming with culture, the island off the southern part of Italy comprises of over 7,000 years of intriguing history and is quickly becoming a hideaway for celebrities.
Sicily is filled with major attractions and historical gems with several listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A glimmering sea awaits visitors with tri-azure colored water right off the jagged coasts filled with stunning views. Diving excursions are available for those who wish to sight see under the sea.  

Whether exploring summertime jazz festivals, or discovering trinkets in Sicily’s weekly market or experiencing the local culture, many ultimate enjoyments will be found at this place in the sun.

Enjoy the convenience of an authentic Louis Vuitton Azur Damier Canvas Siracusa MM Bag whether window shopping during vacation or heading to work. Named after the city of Siracusa in Sicily, this is the perfect bag for sightseeing any ruins this summer.

The pre-owned LV Siracusa is made for casual wear by its slight pleated large saddlebag frame and is fitting wit its “Louis Vuitton Paris” label on the front.

Crafted in the much desired Damier Azur canvas and designed by Marc Jacobs, the tote features smooth Vachetta and gold tone hardware. It can be worn over the shoulder or cross body  by its adjustable flat leather strap.

Open the used LV Siracusa via a top zipper with gold  tone LV pull. The beige microfiber interior is ideal to hold the necessities needed within the right amount of space.   

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Siracusa is used by many celebrities and has ample space for all belongings within its lined in beige fabric textile.  The side wall presents two open patch pockets.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Siracusa MM Bag is highly regarded by handbag lovers at home or in transit and is the perfect companion for that leisurely sightseeing tour. 

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