Everyone seems to be talking about the upcoming film Baz Luhrman’s  “The Great Gatsby,”  partially because it appears to be a unique adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s story to date, but also due to its innovative and stylish fashion choices. Taking the best looks from the Jazz Age, the movie has inspired wardrobes everywhere since its announcement. Here are two of the best 20’s and 30’s inspired accessories to look out for:
  • Sharp Shoes
 These footwear look like they stepped out of a gangster film and it’s easy to see why they are so popular. There are several good brands to look out for, one of which being sharper in more ways than one Chloé Annick Oxford Flats and the more feminine Diane von Furstenberg Alina Studded Pumps. However, these aren’t the only choices, so look in other places for the one that looks right for you.
  • Jazz Age Jewelry
 In the attempt to look perfectly retro, one must make sure to have every last accessory. In terms of jewelry, this means that attempting to collect them all can be a daunting task. A good place to start is J Crew’s Knots and Pearls Necklace, a classic look for anyone wishing to look like a femme fatale. Another interesting item to look out for is the Lulu Frost Soiree Stud Earrings, another essential thing to have this season.

Chanel has been a number one choice during the time of Gatsby. Add a bit of 1920s appeal with 21st century trendiest styling with an authentic Chanel Leather and Metal Clutch. Inspire fashion envy everywhere with a Chanel Clutch definitely eye-popping and not seen often.

Crafted in black leather, its frame is slightly pleated. A Roaring Twenties image is created from the dangling strands of silver tone chains that are reminiscent of pearls hanging off the necks of flappers. The hand grab leather handle also serves as its closure via a magnetic snap. There is a CC logo charm the side of the bag.

Even as a small clutch the pre-own Chanel designer handbag contains enough space to carry the essentials. The interior of the bag is lined with CC logo and Chanel name pattern in fine black textile fabric. There is a flat open pocket extending against the entire sidewall.

 An authentic Chanel Leather and Metal Clutch Is one must have for any wardrobe that  is seeking a contemporary look with a touch of  vintage ‘jazz age’ appeal.