The Louis Vuitton Looping GM Looks Sharp with Plenty of Added Function

 Social networking on Facebook is still all the rage especially with everyone carrying their Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPads. However, there are people who cannot take a step without announcing everything that perhaps they shouldn’t.  A check-in at Foursquare posts nearly  every two minutes where one is. However, this type of information should never be disclosed online. Here are a few more to consider when indulging in social networking.

  • DOB

No, it’s not about being vain.  It is advisable not to make this data visible. There are plenty of identity thieves out there that are just searching for this information.

  • Announce vacation plans

Going to Europe  may be  great but only post vacation adventures on Facebook after returning home.It is risky to announce it beforehand and instantly becomes an open invitation to have the home robbed while away.

  • Posting home address or phone number

Such as vacation plans, placing a home address, makes it even easier for thieves. Obsessed ex-partners and stalkers can take advantage by contacting in person or via phone,

  • Confessions

Never speak ill of a former or present workplace. It can cost one future work related opportunities or even get fired from the present job.

  • Undesirable behaviors

Boasting about overindulging last weekend, posting questionable photos, using objectionable language can be used as evidence against one by prying eyes.

Constant networking requires a designer handbag that offers plenty of space to hold that communication device as well as the necessity items such as an umbrella, sunglasses and wallet and keys.

Have the savoir-faire of looking  sharp too with an authentic Louis Vuitton Looping GM Bag. It  meets all requirements for each and every day to carry all daily essentials

Crafted in the signature Louis Vuitton monogram coated canvas with natural leather trim the  pre-owned Looping GM Bag is a stunning modified bucket slim-line shape.  Its spacious and the largest of the Lopping series but will never look overbearing.  The padded swiveling single handle can alternate over the shoulder or hand carry depending on personal desire. All hardware is gold tone.

It features a full top zip closure across the top for security. The used Louis Vuitton Looping is ideal for on-the–go-gals for everyday use.. The used Louis Vuitton´s interior is lined in beige Alcantara.

An interior zipped pocket, cell phone pocket and D-Ring for keys are just some of the advantages it offers

True fashionistas will never be out of the cyberspace loop when carrying the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Looping GM Bag. It is the one all-around handbag to have in any handbag collection

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