Gain Ultra Sophisticated Style In a Casual Manner with Louis Vuitton Epi Noe Petite

Although New Orleans is best known for their world famous Marti Gras festival, the truth is that the southern city has plenty of other attractions to offer. One of these attractions is the exciting New Orleans Wine & Food Experience, running from May 22 to May 25th. The attraction is exactly what the name would imply; a festival honoring the gastronomical world. The idea began approximately 20 years ago and has since gone from an obscure local happening to a worldwide celebration, which has many achievements under its belt, most notably raising over 1 million dollars every year for various local non-profit organizations.

It has become a popular hotspot due to many factors, one of which is their wonderful wine exhibition which features over 1,000 wines from more than 175 wineries and top chefs from all over the world. Don’t think that the home state isn’t represented either, as many local chefs and restaurants give out their wares for tourists and locals alike to try and sample.

Other popular things to do at the attraction include grand tastings, wine dinners, seminars and a unique wine stroll that takes people through different years, brands and countries of the beverage. Each and every year, most of the proceeds to go charities and this year's event is going to be combating hunger and culinary awareness.

The authentic Louis Vuitton EPI Noe Petite handbag is one that is featured in wonderful texture and a practical color too. Many celebs love the Epi Petite including Freida Pinto.

Texture is always triumphant for durability and the LV signature EPI leather bag´s color of basic black speaks for itself. This makes the Louis Vuitton Noe a true classic as a well designed drawstring bucket frame.
The difference is the pre-owned LV Petite Noe is not as overwhelming in size as the standard Noe. It still maintains all the beauty and polish of the classic bucket, flattered by smooth leather trim and careful detailing in gold tone hardware. The used Noe petite bag contains an embossed Louis Vuitton monogram close to the exterior base.

One long adjustable shoulder strap can be adjusted to suit the needs and comfort of its owner.  

The lining of the interior offers yet another texture and matches the Epi leather bag perfectly with charcoal suede-like fabric.  Once inside, there is nothing small space-wise. This Louis Vuitton bucket is ideal to hold anything needed for daily outings for work or play in an ultra sophisticated style.

The authentic Louis Vuitton EPI Noe Petite handbag is the accessory that falls into place whether hitting a street festival or in a fine restaurant.

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